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Production Process



Our Rattan products for outdoor usage are made from synthetic wicker material “Raucord” of the German company “Rehau” by ArtSelect. We have deliberately chosen luxury premium quality “Raucord”, as it allows us to provide more years of warranty for the material. All our products are made by hand, in this example, a chair for a seat set:


On the following two images you cans see the final production phase of our Lounge “Bali Zen” which has a height of about 2m. After the manual finishing process each wicker material is checked by hand to make sure that the quality of the finishing is 100% ok:



Every product from ArtSelect which is made of stone is carved by hand. Here are a few examples of the production process from the removal of the stone from the mountains through to the final finishing.

In the mountains of Indonesia a natural stone (here: volcanic stone) was chopped off, transported to a village of our production facility with a truck and from there prepared and carved by hand to unique statues:


Now the real work can begin and from the piece of a natural stone different statues are carved by hand. Here you can see various unique products of Buddha statues in various sizes and also a lion , which was made based on a customer’s special specification:


Angel enjoy great popularity, especially in Europe and not just at Christmas, but throughout the whole year. Here you see a kneeling angel with a height of about 1.60m, which we have made in various sizes from 80cm to 1.60m. Clearly you can see how precisely this angel was carved by hand and how complex it was packed afterwards in wooden crates for a safe transport: